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Xamayla has spent her enter life fighting to empower the underserved and disenfranchised in New York City. This campaign is about getting her dedication and passion into City Hall.

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What Xamayla Will Do for District 45

Let’s fight for what our community deserves together. Xamayla has the experiences and the right tools in her belt to get the job done to improve our communities and aim high for the future of District 45.

Affordable housing

Affordable for who? Our community is rapidly changing and we need to ensure that residents can stay in their homes, that over development doesn’t destroy the character of our neighborhoods, and to create real and meaningful affordable housing so our families can stay here.


Our schools are severely under-resourced. We need to fight for better investment with new gyms, computers, cafeterias, and programs to make our local schools a competitive and viable choice for children in our District. Parents shouldn’t have to pay private school prices just to ensure a quality education.


It’s hard to navigate our government and systems even as a native speaker! I’ll work hard to make sure resources and materials are translated into Haitian Creole, Urdu, and more. Workshops, free services, and more should be afforded to those who are trying to find their way here.

Economic development

We can’t allow bureaucracy and red tape cripple our business owners. Let’s work to support our business corridor, because they are the lifeline of our community’s economic activity. We need to support our small businesses and more.


Xamayla for City Council

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