CITY COUNCIL/District 45


Xamayla Rose is going to work for you, for our community, and for all New Yorkers to make sure this city works for everyone; not just the wealthy and well-connected. If we’re united in this fight, we can work together to make big changes in District 45 and beyond.

Affordable Housing & Land Use

  • Our community is rapidly changing. Xamayla will fight to make sure our residents can stay in their own homes and work to prevent over development which destroys the character of our neighborhoods through contextualized rezoning.

  • We’ve lost a lot of our affordable housing in our neighborhoods. Xamayla will work to bring back more meaningful and actual affordable housing to our communities so our families can stay here.


  • Our schools are severely under-resourced. Xamayla will work to invest in capital (like new gyms, cafeterias, computers), invest in more programs for our children, and work to make our schools competitive with other schools out of our District.

  • Parents shouldn’t have to nickel and dime the price of private schools in order for their children receive a quality education. Our public schools need to be able to be a viable option our community.


  • It’s hard to navigate our government and systems even as a native speaker. Xamayla will work to make sure resource are accessible to all communities in our District and to provide more translated materials in Haitian Creole, Urdu, and more.

  • Xamayla wants to make sure immigrant families in our community receive the same support and services provided by city agencies. Workshops and free services when it comes to applying for citizenship, workforce empowerment, and more.

Economic Development

  • We can’t allow bureaucracy and red tape cripple our business owners. Let’s work to support our business corridor, because they are the lifeline of our community’s economic activity.

  • Xamayla will support innovation in our District to attract the goods and services we need but will work hard to support our existing small businesses.


Xamayla for City Council

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