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Xamayla Rose is going to work for you, for our community, and for all New Yorkers to make sure this city works for everyone; not just the wealthy and well-connected. If we’re united in this fight, we can work together to make big changes in District 45 and beyond.

Our Leader

Xamayla Rose is a candidate for New York City Council District 45.  She was born and raised in the East Flatbush area, where she attended public schools and spent her formative years immersed in the rich cultural diversity of the neighborhood. The value of hard work and dedication was imparted to her at an early age as the daughter of Jamaican immigrants and entrepreneurs. She watched her mother working tirelessly as a social worker and child welfare advocate and as she grew older, she helped out at the daycare and afterschool programs. Her dad worked as a construction worker and he eventually formed his own construction company. By watching her parents and growing up in this environment, Xamayla came to appreciate and value a strong work ethic and the tireless spirit reflected in her immigrant parents.

A dynamic, exceptional leader whose already accomplished so much through her passion for service and justice.

An activist and advocate for her community Xamayla Rose will make a great City Councilmember.

Her younger brother, Christopher, was murdered in Brooklyn in July, 2005 by a gang of teenagers. This moved Xamayla into civic action, and along with her parents and family, when they co-founded the Christopher Rose Community Empowerment Campaign (CRCEC), a nonprofit organization aimed at empowering youth, providing them with opportunities for positive development and mobilizing parents and the community to take a more active role in youth and community development. Xamayla continues with CRCEC as a trustee.

She is a graduate of the City University of New York and went on to obtain her MBA.  Xamayla is a young visionary, and believes people have the power to transform communities.  She has committed over 15 years to empower the undeserved and disenfranchised in NYC and beyond, and aims to continue on this trajectory to have an even greater impact in improving our communities via political action.  

She has held critical roles in the nonprofit sector and in city government.  Xamayla’s accomplishments prove she is committed to the fight for racial and economic justice and continues to advocate on behalf of families everyday

Real Advocate.

Real Results.

Xamayla is a philanthropist and humanitarian who has also cultivated a community of civic mindedness.  Her active service includes:

  • Ernest Skinner Political Association, Executive Board Member
  • Community Board 17, Education Committee Chairperson
  • Brooklyn Perinatal Network, Outreach and Promotion Chair
  • The Brooklyn Hospital Center Foundation, Trustee
  • Kings County Democratic County representative, Electoral District 58
  • Christopher Rose Community Empowerment Campaign, Managing Director of Policy and Advocacy


Xamayla for City Council

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